R. Kh. Jabnidze, N.K. Jabnidze, S.G. Gigolashvili


Phenological observations have been provided over 11 species of tangerines (Nichinani, Iura-Vase, Taguchi Vase, Miagava Vase, Kavada, Nankani-20, Ohotsu Vase, Ueno Vase, Aoshima, Okitsu Vase, Mukaiama) introduced from Japan in 2010 on the experimental plot of Daba Chakvi in Kobuleti Municipality. The studies showed that only three species of the abovementioned species of tangerines (Nichinani, Iura-Vase, Taguchi Vase) belong to the super early species of tangerine according to their biological peculiarities and massive ripening period of fruits. They ripen 35-40 days earlier than any other basic industrial species (broad-leaved Unshiu), their fructification period is long and they are characterized with high productivity and better quality of fruit.

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