U.Z. Akbarova


In article the psevdopodzolic-yellow soils,occuring erosion processes, an influence of erosion process on decrease of nutrient in the Lankaran prvince were investigated. It is known that a quantity of either nitrogen ammoniac or nitrate forms in the investigative soils was most in May. Absorbed ammoniac was 24,90 mg/kg, ammoniac dissolved in water was 9,13 mg/kg, nitrates 6,73 mg/kg in May; 20,53, 7, 87, 4,94 mg/kg in July and 12,74, 5,43 and 3,63 mg/kg in September on 0-30 cm of the layer in uneroded psevdopodzolic-yellow soils in 2009. A quantity of mobile phosphorus on 0-30 cm of layer in uneroded soils in a spring season of the research years (in May) was 22,86-31,57 mg/kg; 18,77-27,58 mg/kg in July; 17,38-24,05 mg/kg in September; in a kind of middle eroded kind it was 15,45-20,53; 10,58-17,03 and 11,00-15,20 mg/kg.The performed researches show that a quantity of the exchaning potassium on 0-30 cm of layer in uneroded psevdopodzolic-yellow soils was 171,03­175,84 mg/kg in May of the research years ( in spring ); 149,03-159,29 mg/kg in July; 124,76-138,57 mg/kg in September. A quantity of exchangeable potassium in the average-eroded soils was 79,47-88,27 mg/kg in May, 67,75-81,67 mg/kg in July, 61,71-74,68 mg/kg in September. According to 3-year research consequences we can say that each of the nutrient decre-ased to a considerable degree.Amain reason is exopsing of the soils to erosion process, assi-milation of the nutrient by plants, not-applying of the adrotechnical rules correstly and in time.

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