On the Caucasus Terrain Influence on the Spatial And Temporary Evolution of the Vortexes And Displacement of the Pollution Clouds in the Atmosphere

Aleksandre A. Surmava


Numerical modeling and studies of the wind fields over the South-East Europe, Asia Minor, Middle East and Caucasus terrain is carried out. Traveling synoptic scale vortex wave generation and subsequent evolution of orographic vortices are discovered. The local structures of β-mesoscale wind field in vicinity of the east shoreline of the Black Sea and the central part of the South Caucasus are investigated. It is also numerically investigated the distribution of the pollution emitted in the atmosphere from a hypothetical sources located both in internal points of the South Caucasus and its border areas. The main trajectories of movement of the maximal concentration zone of the clouds of pollution clouds are shown.


calculus and applied mathematics

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