Properties and Advantages of Powdered Ice-Forming Reagents Based on Nanoscale Silica

Eugeny F. Voronin, Liudmyla V. Nosach, Vladimir M. Gun’ko, Elena V. Sosnikova, Bagrat G. Danelyan, Barbara Charmas


A series of powder ice-forming reagents based on the principle of Levilites was synthesized by gas-phase solvate-stimulated adsorption modification (GSSAM) of highly disperse nanoscale silica with silver iodide and phloroglucinol. Lab studies of the prepared materials showed that ice-forming activity per mass unit of AgI and phloroglucinol deposited onto a surface of silica nanoparticles according to the GSSAM technology corresponds to the values of native preparations. In this case, the best sample containing AgI is superior in the efficiency to known AD-1 reagent.


Ice-forming reagents, principle of Levilites, nanosilica, adsorption modification

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