No 1 (2017)

Journal of Law

Table of Contents


The Georgian Model of Compensation of Non-property Damage for Violating Personal Rights in Line with European Standards PDF PDF (Georgian)
Michael Bichia
Certain Problematic Issue of Standard Terms – Freedom of Agreement and its Limits PDF PDF (Georgian)
Vakhtang Zaalishvili
The Implementation of Additional Rights of Shareholders (Poison Pills) as Defensive Measures within the Scopes of the Best Interests of the Corporation (Critical Analysis) PDF PDF (Georgian)
Davit Maisuradze
Acknowledgement of the Existence of Debt in the Light of Doctrine and Judicial Practice PDF PDF (Georgian)
Tamar Chitoshvili
Grounds for and Legal Consequences of Revocation of Donation PDF PDF (Georgian)
Zurab Dzlierishvili
Gross Breach of Obligation as Grounds for Termination of Employment Contract PDF PDF (Georgian)
Tornike Kapanadze
For the Issue of Personal Liability of Directors/Managers and Partners’/Shareholders’ in a Business Entity PDF PDF (Georgian)
Gvantsa Magradze
Duty to Inform as a Specificity of Demonstration of Good Faith Principle in Voluntary and Compulsory Insurance PDF PDF (Georgian)
Irma Nozadze
Advantages of Resolution of Civil Disputes through Judicial Mediation over Litigation PDF PDF (Georgian)
Levan Zhorzholiani
Proportionality Principle as a Response Instrument to Challenges of Modern Labour Law PDF PDF (Georgian)
Ekaterine Kardava
The Meaning of Prohibition of Discrimination for the Freedom of Contract (In the perspective of horizontal effect of human rights) PDF PDF (Georgian)
Salome Kerashvili
Third Parties as the Subjects of Civil Justice PDF PDF (Georgian)
Nino Kharitonashvili
A Preliminary Hearing in Criminal Proceedings PDF PDF (Georgian)
Irine Bokhashvili
Objective Imputation of the Result and the Liability for Negligent Keeping of Firearms According to Georgian Criminal Legislation PDF PDF (Georgian)
Irakli Dvalidze
Constitutional Court of Georgia and de facto Real Control PDF PDF (Georgian)
Paata Javakhishvili
Can Human Rights Violations Constitute Public Morals under the Article XX(a) of the GATT and Article XIV(a) of the GATS? PDF PDF (Georgian)
Nino Rukhadze
Formation and Strengthening of Private Law Fundamentals of Civil Society in Ukraine PDF
Nataliya Kuznetsova

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