No 1 (2016)

Journal of Law

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Homicide of Wife-Husband in the Old Georgian Law PDF PDF (Georgian)
Medea Matiashvili
Framework for Regulation of Mediation Ethics and Targets of Ethical Binding PDF (Georgian) PDF
Natia Chitashvili
Functions of the Form of Transaction PDF (Georgian) PDF
Giorgi Amiranashvili
Disproportionally High Contract Penalties and Role of the Court in the Sphere of Protection of Civil Interests PDF (Georgian)
Nino Ioseliani
Role of the Perpetuation of Evidences and Claim Securrity in Litigation PDF (Georgian) PDF
Guliko Kazhashvili
European Model of Protection of the Consumers’ Rights in Distance Contracts – on the Example of Withdrawal Right PDF (Georgian) PDF
Tamar Lakerbaia
The Types of Vertical Agreements and the Restraints Therein in Terms of Competition Law PDF (Georgian) PDF
Solomon Menabdishvili
The Place of Shareholder Activism by Institutional Investors in Georgian System of Corporate Governance and Its Influence on International Merger Transactions PDF (Georgian) PDF
Ana Ramishvili
The Right to Freedom of Expression with Regards to the Personality Rights to Honor and Reputation PDF (Georgian) PDF
Salome Pruidze
Development of Labor Relations Law on the Background of Euro-Integration Processes PDF (Georgian) PDF
Ekaterine Kardava
Conceptual Vision of Court Mediation PDF (Georgian) PDF
Aleksandre Tsuladze
Some Technical and Legal Problems of the Constitutional Agreement PDF (Georgian) PDF
Dimitry Gegenava
Understanding of the Vote of Non Confidence, as a Political-Legal Mechanism PDF (Georgian) PDF
Eka Kavelidze
Territorial Organization of the State – Way of Overcoming the Conflict or the Form of National Self-Determination PDF (Georgian) PDF
Lasha Margishvili
The Power Balance Issues in the Semi-Presidential Republic PDF (Georgian) PDF
Lana Tsanava
Measures Aimed at Efficient Fighting against Discrimination by the State PDF (Georgian) PDF
Beka Dzamashvili
Constitutional Control over the Decisions of Ordinary Courts: Experience and Perspectives of the South Caucasus States PDF (Georgian) PDF
Paata Javakhishvili
Indictment and Deviation therefrom Trial on Merits PDF (Georgian) PDF
Giorgi Tumanishvili
Criminal Responsibility of the Superior for Omission in International Criminal Law PDF (Georgian) PDF
Giorgi Dgebuadze
Causation in Complicity in a Crime According to Georgian and Anglo-American Law PDF (Georgian) PDF
Kakha Tsikarishvili
Crime and Criminality, as Manifestation Forms of Sin PDF (Georgian) PDF
David Tsulaia
Objectives and Scopes of Cassation in the Administration Process PDF (Georgian) PDF
Tamar Ghvamichava
Construction-Legal Status of the Land PDF (Georgian) PDF
Liana Giorgadze
Legal Nature of Individual Administrative - Legal Act PDF (Georgian) PDF
Davit Makaridze
Comparative Analysis of the Model of Resolution of the Tax Dispute in the System of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia PDF (Georgian) PDF
Ilia Tsiklauri
Response to the Monograph by Prof. I. A. Isaev “Law Mythologemes: Jusice and Literature” PDF (Georgian) PDF
Marina Garishvili

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