Duty to Inform as a Specificity of Demonstration of Good Faith Principle in Voluntary and Compulsory Insurance

Irma Nozadze


Insurance contract executed within the framework of either voluntary or compulsory insurance is based on the bona fides of the parties thereto. Due fulfilment of the duty to inform is of paramount importance as it is one of specific features of the demonstration of the good faith principle. The duty to inform should be duly fulfilled both during pre-contractual and contract period and upon occurrence of an insured event. Fulfilment of the duty to inform in voluntary and compulsory insurance is associated with certain specificities. This paper is focused on the analyses of these differences, it exposes the boundary between voluntary and compulsory insurance, reveals its essence and importance within the legal framework, in judicial practice and, in general, in civic relationship.


insurance forms, voluntary insurance, compulsory insurance, specificity of demonstration of good faith principle, duty to inform, legal consequences of the breach of the duty to inform.

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